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It's About Time!

Tags: Hunting, Magazine, spike, Mule Deer, Deer and Elk | Posted: Jul 23, 2013 | Article By: jason

When the scope is centered on a mulie buck, it’s hard not to pull the trigger. Especially for my wife who seems to shoot whatever buck we find. She is never disappointed with the result of any buck she gets. After harvesting 4 smaller bucks, I was hoping this year that I could convince her to hold off and wait for a nice one.

Three clam slam

Tags: Hunting, Magazine, Mule Deer, Elk, Deer and Elk, Bull Elk, Trophy Elk, Tropy Elk, Roosevelt Elk, spike | Posted: Jul 23, 2013 | Article By: jason

Well my 2012 season started out not quite as I had anticipated. My hunting partner Travis and I had both planned on hunting the rifle deer season in Idaho, so we purchased our Washington muzzle loader deer tags. After all the planning, preparing, studying maps, we found out the area we were going to hunt in Idaho was completely on fire, throwing a huge wrench in our season before it even started.

“No See ‘em Ridge”

Tags: Hunting, Magazine, Deer and Elk, Mule Deer | Posted: Mar 11, 2013 | Article By: Ken Kellogg

It all started about 25 years ago. My buddy Steve & I always had to hear about our other buddy Leroy’s big mule deer bucks. Every year after opening weekend of the deer season, Steve & I got to hear about another 4-point Leroy had killed. Leroy, his Grandpa Bob, and Uncle Kenny were the masters of killing monster bucks off what I call “No See ‘em Ridge”. For at least 15 years, Steve & I always asked Leroy if we could go hunting with him and Leroy always said that he wished he could bring us, but his elders would not allow it. Grandpa Bob and Uncle Kenny started hunting this area back in the early 60’s and introduced Leroy to hunting at the early age of about 10 in the early 80’s. Their success is amazing, the three of them have harvested over a hundred quality bucks. Most of them are 4 point bucks that you dream about getting someday (some 5 points, some 6 points, some wide, some tall, and some of all). Grandpa Bob and Uncle Kenny were not getting any younger and had to retire from hiking to their favorite area which is no easy task – especially when you’re in your mid 70’s.

Chasing a Trophy Spike!

Tags: Hunting, Magazine, Deer and Elk, Mule Deer, spike | Posted: Mar 11, 2013 | Article By: Jordan Jensen

The 2012 hunting season had just started for us. We had been scouting 5 months earlier and we were going to be hunting in the same spot my Dad did for his limited entry elk the previous year. I got my first bow in March from a local archery shop and started shooting at a 29 pound draw weight. Here in Utah you need to shoot at 40 pounds to hunt. I set a goal to be beyond that before opening day. I wanted to be at 50 pounds, so I shot every day for 3 hours straight or until my arm couldn’t take it. That’s when I knew I was hooked.

Dreams of a Mountain Beast!

Tags: Hunting, Magazine, Sheep, Big Horn, Mt St Helens, Mt. Goat | Posted: Mar 11, 2013 | Article By: James Petker

Safari club International had always been portrayed to me as a group of elite rich guys getting together and going on safaris. I found this to be far from the truth. Several years back a friend of mine invited my wife and I to an annual Christmas party that was taking place at one of our local SCI chapter members homes. That’s where I got my first eye opening education on what SCI really stood for and the great people from all walks of life that unite and organize to run a very solid hunting and conservation group. That night I became a member of SCI and to this day it has became one of the most positive things I have done in the hunting community.

Moose Creek

Tags: Hunting, Moose, Canada, Moose Creek | Posted: Mar 11, 2013 | Article By: Jennifer Richard

On occasion something happens in one’s life that is not only unbelievable but undreamt of. And when that something actually happens to you, you know it will become a lifelong cherished memory. This story is one of such event that is so amazing; it must be retold over and over again. My husband and I happened to find babysitters for our five children and set off across the country for the adventure of a lifetime. We loaded up the truck and traveled for days to reach our destination of Barrhead, Alberta, where our outfitter Bryan Radke, Moose Creek Outfitters, greeted us excitedly as the first moose hunt of the season kicked off. The weather was a little warm for this time of the year but we are still optimistic that we would have a successful hunt.

2 Brothers 2 Bulls 2 Days

Tags: Hunting, Magazine, Bull Elk, Tropy Elk, Roosevelt Elk, Elk | Posted: Nov 19, 2012 | Article By: Tony Wintrip

The 2011 Roosevelt elk bow hunt was short but sweet for my little brother and I. We have been hunting partners for life and we have experienced the highs and lows side by side for the last 12 years calling bulls into archery range. We live and die by our pre season scouting every year and this year was no different. It started with the night before opening day when we split up to cover as much ground as possible and by dark we had some great options for the party of 5 of us. The three young guys and the two old dogs were going to part ways at daylight and listen to the coastal range light up with that sound that only true outdoorsman get infatuated with, bugling bulls!

Once In A Lifetime

Tags: Big Horn, Hunting, Magazine, Sheep | Posted: Nov 19, 2012 | Article By: Kevin McNab

As I knelt down and respectfully placed my hands on the ram’s battle-scared horns, my whole soul was flooded with the personal significance of this single moment. The thoughts of all the years applying for a sheep tag unsuccessfully, the countless hours in the gym preparing my body, the months of research, the planning, the sleepless nights dreaming of this moment, the physical and mental toll this rugged backcountry has already ravaged upon me; it all flowed through my mind in a tsunami of emotion. And now here I was, holding in my hands my lifetime dream … a bighorn sheep!

My First Buck

Tags: Kids Corner, Hunting, Deer and Elk, Mule Deer | Posted: May 30, 2012 | Article By: Ally Legg

The two long weeks of Hunter’s Ed were finally over. I was legal to go out and hunt. In Montana you had to turn 12 by a certain date, or already be 12 to hunt. And, of course, you had to pass Hunter’s Ed. Even though I was 11, I would turn 12 before the deadline, so I was ready to go. The night before the hunt, I could hardly sleep, I was so excited. Usually, I complained about getting up at 5:30 am, but that day, I couldn’t care less. By six, my mom Amy, my dad Steve, my little brother Garrett, and I were all piled in Dad’s truck. All I could talk about was ‘my big buck’. Mom and Dad warned me that I might end up shooting a doe, or (even worse) nothing at all because this was our last week in Montana before we moved to Washington. Boy, did I think they were wrong! I told them okay, that’d be fine, but in my head, I was thinking about the monster I was about to kill

Mt St Helens Roosevelt

Tags: Kids Corner, Elk, Roosevelt Elk, Tropy Elk, Mt St Helens, Bull Elk | Posted: Dec 07, 2011 | Article By: Tim Underwood

The opening day of western Washington's rifle deer season began the same as the previous year. My 17 yr old son, Chris, and I were elk hunting! Chris had beat the odds (and me) and drawn a black powder Mt. Whittier any bull tag. This special permit allows only one hunter to harvest a bull. Unbelievably, Chris had drawn a cow tag for the same unit in 2010. A three square-mile unit located entirely within the Mt. St. Helens Monument, Mt. Whittier is mostly comprised of small alders, willows and noble firs, along with the occasional salmon berry. There is very little cover, except in the creek bottoms and on the steep slopes of Mt. Whittier, Mt. Margaret, and Coldwater Peak. This small canyon bore a large brunt of the eruption in May 1980. Thousands of decaying fir and cedar lay just as they did on May 19th. As this unit is within the Monument boundaries, there are very strict rules regarding its use. There are no horses or bicycles allowed, no fires can be built, camping is allowed only in designated spots, and the hunter can have only three support buddies.

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