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Three clam slam

Tags: Hunting, Magazine, Mule Deer, Elk, Deer and Elk, Bull Elk, Trophy Elk, Tropy Elk, Roosevelt Elk, spike | Posted: Jul 23, 2013 | Article By: jason

Well my 2012 season started out not quite as I had anticipated. My hunting partner Travis and I had both planned on hunting the rifle deer season in Idaho, so we purchased our Washington muzzle loader deer tags. After all the planning, preparing, studying maps, we found out the area we were going to hunt in Idaho was completely on fire, throwing a huge wrench in our season before it even started.

2 Brothers 2 Bulls 2 Days

Tags: Hunting, Magazine, Bull Elk, Tropy Elk, Roosevelt Elk, Elk | Posted: Nov 19, 2012 | Article By: Tony Wintrip

The 2011 Roosevelt elk bow hunt was short but sweet for my little brother and I. We have been hunting partners for life and we have experienced the highs and lows side by side for the last 12 years calling bulls into archery range. We live and die by our pre season scouting every year and this year was no different. It started with the night before opening day when we split up to cover as much ground as possible and by dark we had some great options for the party of 5 of us. The three young guys and the two old dogs were going to part ways at daylight and listen to the coastal range light up with that sound that only true outdoorsman get infatuated with, bugling bulls!

Mt St Helens Roosevelt

Tags: Kids Corner, Elk, Roosevelt Elk, Tropy Elk, Mt St Helens, Bull Elk | Posted: Dec 07, 2011 | Article By: Tim Underwood

The opening day of western Washington's rifle deer season began the same as the previous year. My 17 yr old son, Chris, and I were elk hunting! Chris had beat the odds (and me) and drawn a black powder Mt. Whittier any bull tag. This special permit allows only one hunter to harvest a bull. Unbelievably, Chris had drawn a cow tag for the same unit in 2010. A three square-mile unit located entirely within the Mt. St. Helens Monument, Mt. Whittier is mostly comprised of small alders, willows and noble firs, along with the occasional salmon berry. There is very little cover, except in the creek bottoms and on the steep slopes of Mt. Whittier, Mt. Margaret, and Coldwater Peak. This small canyon bore a large brunt of the eruption in May 1980. Thousands of decaying fir and cedar lay just as they did on May 19th. As this unit is within the Monument boundaries, there are very strict rules regarding its use. There are no horses or bicycles allowed, no fires can be built, camping is allowed only in designated spots, and the hunter can have only three support buddies.

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