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Alaska river fishing is no joke.

Tags: Russian River, Alaska, Fishing, Steelhead, Trout, Salmon Fishing, Sturgeon, fly fishing, Sevengill, Sharks, Salmon, Chinook, King Salmon, Chinook Salmon | Posted: Dec 20, 2013 | Article By: George Garrison

George Garrison lets you know what to expect from Alaskan rivers and the people that fish them.

Salmon Fishing Seminar Saturday July 27th

Tags: Fishing, Sevengill, Sharks, Kids Corner, Magazine, Salmon, Chinook, King Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Salmon Fishing, Trout, Steelhead, Salmon Derby, Sturgeon, Grand Prize, fly fishing | Posted: Jul 09, 2013 | Article By: Nick Valentine

Dennis Company will be hosting a salmon fishing seminar Saturday July 27th at it's Raymond and Aberdeen locations. Talks will be given by Kelly Barnum and Cody Balderston on salt water and fresh water techniques. 10 A.M. in Raymond and 1 P.M. in Aberdeen.

2013 Annual Horns and Hooks Fishing derby (Grays Harbor)

Tags: Elk, Fishing, Magazine, Steelhead, Trout, Salmon Fishing, Chinook Salmon, King Salmon, Chinook, Salmon, Sturgeon, Salmon Derby, Grand Prize, Bull Elk, Kids Corner, fly fishing | Posted: Jul 08, 2013 | Article By: Jason Warner

The 2013 Horns and Hooks fishing derby is right around the corner. Let your friends and family know and remember to like and comment on facebook for a chance to win a FREE subscription to Horns and Hooks magazine. See you at the derby!!

Spoon Fed

Tags: Fishing, Magazine, Steelhead | Posted: May 20, 2013 | Article By: Amy Spoon

I have never been the type of girl who likes Valentines Day. I just don’t understand making men stress out about picking a gift just because it’s February 14th, or standing in front of the card isle trying to make that awful decision of what card to get. Don’t get me wrong, I like flowers and all, but I would rather receive a single, hand picked flower, than waste $50 on overpriced roses that are just going to die. Oh, and I hate chocolate. Sorry if this seems like a negative start to a story, but I had to fill you in on my previous thoughts about Valentines Day. It was always just another day to me, but that all changed this year. I had the most memorable Valentines weekend I have ever had, and we didn’t even step foot into a restaurant. The events that unfolded Valentines weekend, 2013, were unforgettable, and really, the story all started the week prior to Valentines weekend.

Birthday Bottom Feeders

Tags: Magazine, Fishing, Kids Corner, Chinook, Salmon, Sturgeon | Posted: Mar 11, 2013 | Article By: Kelly Barnum

Hudson’s arms were ripped towards the water as the prehistoric power of the Willapa Bay sturgeon was displayed. He was struggling to hold onto the rod, “Do you need help?”, I suggested. “No!” in a quick somewhat snappy response, he replied. He was going to try to finish this alone. It was his turn on the rod, and his fish, no matter how hard the fight was about to become, he was determined to win.

Unforgettable Memories

Tags: Magazine, Fishing, Trout, Salmon Fishing, Chinook Salmon, King Salmon, Salmon | Posted: Mar 11, 2013 | Article By: Brian Elling

It was a simple four bench seat aluminum boat but after I began to understand the different size of boats, I asked Dad why we didn’t have a bigger one. His reply was “boats don’t catch fish”. I was more worried about going fast and looking good though so his response didn’t make sense to me at the time, along with many other things Dad said which didn’t make sense to me until years later.

2012 Fishing Derby

Tags: Magazine, Salmon, Fishing, Fishing, Chinook Salmon, King Salmon, Salmon Derby, Grand Prize | Posted: Jan 21, 2013 | Article By: Kelly Barnum

“Fish On!” The called echoed off the walls of the paper mill along the shores of the Chehalis River. Lined peeled from the reel as the giant Chinook dug deep into the rushing incoming current. This fish was different from the ones we had already caught, he knew the game. He had battled for his life before, and was hell bent to prove once again, he was a fighter.

Elfin Cove Alaska

Tags: Elfin Cove Fishing | Posted: Oct 03, 2011 | Article By: Stan Cunningham

The third time the fish went back down to the bottom; I knew I had a better halibut than I had caught the last 2 days. We were fishing around 300 feet, and I was hoping this bottom dashing would quit so I eased up on the retrieve to try and not upset the fish. I learned that technique last time I fished with Eagle Charters/Cross Sound Lodges out of Elfin Cove, Alaska. It was then that I watched my friend John Kamrar catch both a 240 and a 350 lb halibut on 2 consecutive days. I didn’t think this fish would be that big, but I knew this was going to take some time and if you’ve caught big halibut you know it’s nice to reduce the “burn” in your back and biceps.

Backcountry Treasure

Tags: Elfin Cove Fishing | Posted: Oct 03, 2011 | Article By: Stan Cunningham

Like many outdoorsman who are lucky enough to be born and raised in Northwest, my father got me started fly fishing at an early age.  As soon as I could drive, most of my meager summer income was spent…

Wounded Veterans Fishing Program

Posted: Sep 29, 2011 | Article By: Terry Hines President, Lady anglers of Portland Oregon

WOUNDED VETS FISHING FOR STURGEON     On the local tv show “ Outdoor GPS “ Owin Hays talked about The WOUNDED VETERANS FISHING PROGRAM (WVFP) that provides a wide variety of fishing trips with therapeutic…

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