Sunjack 14 Watt Portable Solar Panel Charger

It wasn’t so long ago it felt like I was carrying four different electronic devices into the woods. Camera, radio, GPS, cellphone, and batteries for each of them. As technology has advanced, so has the simplicity of what I have to carry. My cellphone with On X Maps and goTenna apps installed, and I am good to go for everything I need. Except it seems like using my one device for everything drains my battery fast, which is why I got the Sunjack 14 Watt Portable Solar Charger. I can now keep my phone charged to take trophy pictures (if I ever kill an animal), and not worry about draining the batteries by communicating with buddies, checking maps, and doing everything else I need to do while out in the woods.

Sunjack 14 Watt Solar Charger

Sunjack’s zippered pocket keeps your battery and cable stored.

The Sunjack Portable Solar Charger is extremely well made. Set up with loops and carabiners to let you charge batteries while you are hunting or fishing, all you have to do is find somewhere to hang the charger from. And, with a battery pack that comes with it, you don’t have to worry about keeping your phone plugged into the solar charger. You can charge the battery pack with the charger, and plug your phone into the battery pack later that day, or in the evening. You can also use it charge other things, like flashlights, tablets, and any other electronic.

Sunjack's 4 panel design is easy to lay out anywhere

Sunjack’s 4 panel design is easy to lay out anywhere

It is a little hefty, weighing in at 2.5 lbs with the battery, but if you are hunting out of a blind or stand, I wouldn’t think twice about carrying it along. Or, you can charge the battery pack, which takes 5 hours to charge, and only weighs 8 oz. Then, you can leave your panel at home and still get 2-3 charges out of your pack. This means you have a few options. You can just take the battery pack or the solar panel, or both. Personally, I have two battery packs, and always take the charged one with me during the day, and leave the solar panel and another battery charging during the day.

If you are looking for a fantastic product that will keep your phone, tablet and other devices charged on your next hunting or fishing adventure, look no further than the sunjack portable solar charger.


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