Martin Archery Factory Destroyed by Fire

Martin Archery, one of the oldest bow manufacturers in the US, had a fire destroying part of their factory last night. Located in Walla Walla, Washington Martin Archery is one of the great archery manufacturers local to the Northwest, having started in 1951. The Martin facility is built in two parts, the corporate offices and the factory portion, which had the fire. There was a crew working at 9:30 on the evening of Wednesday, July 8th when the fire broke out, thankfully however there were no injuries to any employees.

Martin has faced a difficult past few years. Facing bankruptcy in 2013, they were bailed out by an investor group which brought a number of outstanding people on board from various positions in the archery industry. They were being to improve in sales and volume over the past two years, until this fire broke out. Hopefully, this will not be a major setback for one of the oldest archery manufacturers in the US.

Our thoughts go out to the Martin Archery company.

3 years ago
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